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It's been a very rough week, though things ultimately turned out all right (in the latest crisis, anyway). I'm behind on eBay shipping again, but will get everything out by early next week, and will put up new auctions then too.

Neil Himself passed fleetingly through town last night, looking freshly barbered and ten years younger than the last time I saw him, and I got to introduce Grey to him. He said to Grey, "I love your accent" (as do I -- it's mostly New England with a touch of Midwest) -- and I reflected that, while I've heard dozens of people say that to Neil, I'd never heard him say it to anybody. This amused me, as tiny incongruent things often do. We had sushi and talked about Stephen King and Joe Hill and Peter Straub and secret maps and dreams.

EDIT: Forgot I had these on my phone. Just a couple of guys standing around outside a sushi restaurant.

Tags: dreams, ebay, neil gaiman, peter straub, photos, stephen king
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