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Treasure Box

Well, Grey warned me that all the creative energy he's had lately might rub off. I just pulled an all-nighter making my first piece of art/crafts in I don't even know how long*, one of my "treasure boxes." It's obviously inspired by the Song of Ice and Fire books, and felt/feels (it's not quite finished) like an enthusiastic but angry response to book 3, A Storm of Swords. I wasn't angered by the novel in a critical/social way, but in a purely emotional way, by how much it managed to blindside and disturb my "Tra la la, yum yum, I'm so enjoying my foray into epic fantasy" Constant Reader-self. Which is a powerful thing and I value it, but I also needed to create some kind of response. This box will probably be for sale on eBay at some point if it doesn't get too derivative. Here are a couple of VERY preliminary photos:

thronesbox by funkyegret
thronesbox, a photo by funkyegret on Flickr.

thronesbox1 by funkyegret
thronesbox1, a photo by funkyegret on Flickr.

Also had a brief but friendly text conversation with Chris about one of those dumb little things that nobody but us would know or care about. I hope we can keep that up some.

*Actually, yes I do, thanks to LJ tags. Three years almost to the day, on April 16, 2009.
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