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Magic In A Box

I think the Game of Thrones box is finished, and now I feel sort of empty even though it's basically just a piece of fan art. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, especially since I've seen fan art that touched my own heart, but I surely can't take full credit for it and I don't know whether I can sell it on eBay. Not sure if I want to; even if it's a response to someone else's creativity, it's the first creative thing I've done in three years. I'll be posting photos, at any rate, possibly more than anybody wants to see. It's a detailed object.

When I said the ending of A Storm of Swords disturbed me and made me kind of angry? I did not mean I thought the novel should have ended differently. I value a story that can make me feel like that. I don't find them very often. I just needed to take a break and read some nice fiction about nice people who just do normal things like throwing their spouses down wells, and also Me and Dean: A Love Story by Jerry Lewis (more on that later). And apparently I also needed to make a box. But I'm starting to miss all those dreadful Lannisters, Starks, Greyjoys, and Targaryens, not to mention the Hound whom I love though I don't know why, and I'm about ready for further punishment. (Speaking of grrm fan art, has everyone seen this amazing map of Westeros?)

Good God, what a fanboy I have become in my old age. It serves me right.
Tags: books, george r.r. martin, jerry lewis, stephen king, treasure boxes
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