Billy Martin (docbrite) wrote,

Needle Freak

So for the past four months I've been injecting testosterone with a tiny needle because nobody told me different. Injectable testosterone is a thick, oily substance, and I would spend ten or fifteen minutes filling my syringe each month, then have trouble getting the stuff out of the needle and into my flesh. I finally saw something (don't remember what) that clued me in, and yesterday, for my most recent shot, I used a 20-gauge needle. It filled in just moments, and once I got past the fear of shoving that huge spike into my butt cheek, it was ever so much easier to inject. I'm kind of a slow learner.

I never pass as male so well as when I'm dressed in drag. On Mardi Gras, I wore a red and gold Chinese dress and a black cartwheel hat with a veil, and all day I was sir'd and sent to men's restrooms and so on. The next day, dressed in my regular clothes, I got called "ma'am" for the first time in weeks. Go figure.

Making art tonight. Hoping to list some new crosses and boxes very soon. Also, I'm on Facebook again. (Billy Martin in New Orleans, in case that link doesn't work for you.) Feel free to friend me.

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Tags: art, carnival, ftm, testosterone
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