Billy Martin (docbrite) wrote,
Billy Martin

Bright Spot

One of my favorite New Orleans photographers, Shadow Angelina, has agreed to let me and Subterranean Press use her lovely photograph "Her Fear, Her Return" as the cover of Antediluvian Tales:

© Shadow Angelina

For me, this photograph (of an 1872 tomb from Metairie Cemetery) perfectly sums up the beauty of pre-K New Orleans and the grief at what we've lost. I couldn't be more pleased that Shadow Angelina, whose work I've admired for a long time, is amenable to letting me use it. As well, it's also nice to spread the wealth (in this case, Subterranean's, not mine) to local artists who are probably struggling as hard as or harder than I am.

Last night I sent Bill Schafer all the files for Antediluvian Tales and the chapbook, The H.O.G. Syndrome, that will accompany the limited edition. I need to to a drawing for the chapbook cover, but other than that, the project is in the bag (as they say) and should be published sometime this fall.
Tags: antediluvian tales

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