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The Value of Butt

I've read as much of the Amazon/Macmillan crap as I can stand (if you don't know about this and want to, this seems a good link to start with). All I can think about is A) how bitterly I railed against Amazon all those years ago (about totally different stuff; not claiming prophecy here, but I did tell you they were evil) and B) how everfucking glad I am to not be in this business anymore. Or at least to not currently be in this business. Traditional publishing is falling apart, it wasn't working for much of anyone but especially not most of the writers, and I for one am thrilled to see it happening. There will be some lean years for writers, but hello, what else is new? There will also be a major paradigm shift (or several) in the release and distribution of books over the next several years, and I selfishly hope that if/when I have a new book I want to publish, something more tenable than what I now think of as the Three Rivers Press model (after the single most incompetent "big publisher" I've ever worked with) will have come along.

I'm not opposed to self-publishing, but I'm not personally interested in it for a number of reasons, and I don't think it in its current form will be the new paradigm that replaces the old. I could be wrong. Honestly, I've spent the past three years thinking about the publishing business as little as possible, so I'm not the best source for this stuff. I really signed on to remind people of the Butt Title Game. This may or may not have been invented by greygirlbeast and tjcrowley; I first learned it from them. You simply take the title of absolutely anything and replace one of the words with "butt." To wit, my early ouevre:

Lost Butts
Drawing Butt
Exquisite Butt
The Lazarus Butt

And then there's New Era PZB: The Value of Butt, followed by Butt, Butt, and Soul Butt. (Just doing the novels here; short stories, with their often-longer titles, can provide even more fun. "O Death, Where Is Thy Butt?", anyone?) For a certain kind of person, this never gets old. I'm using it to distract myself from having missed the best parade ever in the history of New Orleans yesterday.


Feb. 1st, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC)
You forgot to mention B*U*T*T*.

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