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With Relish!

One of my recent really bad habits is just not wanting to bother to eat. Sometimes I do the right thing and have an Ensure or a smoothie. Sometimes, though, I do the Very Wrong Thing and look at disgusting material to kill my appetite entirely. Blood and guts don't do it for me; they're interesting but not sickening. What grosses me out most is bodily secretions, so imagine my joy when I found this seemingly endless "Tell us about your most disgusting experience" thread on a nurse's forum. (No pictures, but DO NOT CLICK unless you want to find out what makes my gorge rise, and I have a strong gorge. Nurses are hardcore, man.)

Anyway, I was sitting here moping around the Internet, and my train of thought went something like this: ... Kinda hungry ... think there might still be a couple of hot dogs in the fridge ... maybe I should fix myself a hot dog ... but I'd have to dig my way out from under this pile of cats and heat up the oven to crisp the bun and waaaah waaaah waaaah ... say, maybe I'll take a look at that nurses' forum.

And the first story I came across was THIS:

It had to be TODAY! I had a patient who had a FB [foreign body, not Facebook -- PZB] up his rectum. Surgeon tried to get it out from below because she did not want to open his belly. It was a glass jar and we could see the gold metal cap when she spread open his rectum. She tried prying it only to have the top come off and what came out was------------------ SWEET RELISH! The place smelled like a hot dog stand. She managed to get the jar out while doing no damage. The guy was very lucky, but some of us are going to have a hard time eating any hot dogs in the future. Mike

Now as you might guess, things up asses aren't one of my big squicks, but I could just about smell that lovely blend of relish and rectum. Couldn't you?

So maybe I won't have a hot dog.

Hey, the Saints are out of the playoffs and it's threatening to sleet. DON'T JUDGE ME OK.


Jan. 10th, 2011 10:57 am (UTC)
Doc, I am concerned about you. Eat food, goddammit.

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