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March Madness

March Madness sale: 30% off signed books (which can be personalized); 20% off original paintings. I'm still offering copies of the post-LOST SOULS Steve & Ghost story, "Stay Awake."


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New Voodoo

Grey and I have had a hell of a time getting over this flu, but we soldier on, and PZBART is open again with a bunch of new voodoo products including wormwood, sweet gum seed balls, alum, saltpeter, cloves, hot peppers, cinnamon bark, and powdered selenite, all in decorative glass bottles with tiny adorable skull beads.



I also listed an iolite & pyrite skull choker with a wire-wrapped pyrite pendant. I haven't been able to make much jewelry lately because of tendonitis in my right arm that's aggravated by beading, but I'd been looking for the right thing to do with this pendant, and when I found these pyrite skulls, I knew they had to go together.


And we send a get-well shout-out to Chris, who had knee replacement surgery yesterday morning.

Getting Caught Up

Just now coming up for air after several hallucinatory days spent flat on my back with the flu. Grey has it too, a couple of days behind me. I have 23 outstanding Etsy orders and am going to have to leave my PZBART shop on vacation mode until I get caught up a bit. Fortunately, almost everyone has been very patient and understanding. I'll be getting into the studio tonight and trying to get back on top of my game.

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Sick Leave

I've had to put PZBART (my Etsy shop) on vacation mode because I've come down with a bad case of the flu. I will endeavor to get all outstanding orders shipped in a timely fashion, and will be back soon with new products and artwork.

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Due to overwhelming demand, it's back: STAY AWAKE, the short story that takes place the summer after the events of LOST SOULS and further explores the relationship between Steve and Ghost. These are photocopies of the text, not the chapbook itself, but since so many people wanted to read it, I thought I'd offer these and see how it went.


Also, for the next seven days, all my other signed books are 40% off.

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It Costs $10,000 To Be A Man

"It Costs $10,000 To Be A Man," mixed media shadowbox sculpture, $100 or best offer.


1jan03-14-1asmall 1jan03-14-1bsmall

Just Let Me Pee

Protip: Once you develop some confidence in your own gender presentation, it is really, really easy to embarrass strangers who misgender you. I don't do it on purpose to people who obviously mean no harm, but come on: there is no good reason to even speak to a stranger in a public restroom*, let alone challenge their presence there. A couple of years ago, this kind of shit would ruin my day, week, month. No more.

*Except possibly for negotiating restroom sex, but that's a whole other issue, and anyway you can always just employ a wide stance.

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Stay Awake ... Dang!

WOW! The response to my STAY AWAKE chapbook offer was incredibly gratifying. All the copies are sold -- my apologies to anyone who missed out. If I find any more squirreled away, I will certainly list them. I didn't want to say so yesterday because I feel like I'm always begging for something lately, but I received the city tax bill for my mother's house yesterday and I had no idea how we were going to pay it. This record-breaking Etsy sales day puts us within $200 of the total, and she should be able to make up the rest. I have to hand it to Steve and Ghost; I wasn't able to write as many stories about them as people would have liked, and toward the end of my writing career I got a little testy about people asking when I was going to bring them back, but they certainly have bailed me out of a lot of tight spots over the years.

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Stay Awake

That one hard-to-find chapbook, STAY AWAKE, with the story that answers the Big Question about Steve and Ghost from LOST SOULS? I found a batch of them with minor scuffing/fading to the covers and am offering them for $10 each while supplies last. Also free worldwide shipping with purchase of any other item.


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